Louver for MOONEYES Cap (Plane Type) [CM005CRD]

Louver for MOONEYES Cap (Plane Type) [CM005CRD]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excluded)

This item does not include a cap. It is only the louver itself.

Louver for MOONEYES Cap (Plane Type)

Old is New!
It is a Lover that can be customized to the MOONEYES Caps. Just like the Louvers customized to a car, you can customize your MOONEYES cap! It gives a vintage LQQK but, you can apply to a NEW Cap. Perfect one for those who want to make your cap original!

It can mainly be applied to most of the MOONEYES and MOON Equipped Cap. It cannot be applied to MOONEYES USA Original Baseball Cap [CM002].

Choose your favorite Cap and Louver and MOONEYES will customize it for Free!


This item is processed by hand and universal aluminum louver is used so, depending on the material and size of the visor, the position of the louver might defer. Please note, that it will not fit perfectly. Please enjoy as one of the dress-up item.

Depending on the curve of the visor, there might be some space between the visor and louver.

Please note that we do not accept any returns or exchanges due to the positioning of the louver, finish, or any other reasons.


Choose the Louver and the Cap you like and please note that your want to customize the cap in the inquiry form.
※If you have purchased several louvers and caps, please tell us the combination you want.

You can purchase just the Louver (with rivet).
If you want to customize your own cap, you will need to have a machine to fix the rivet.
※ We do not offer to customize to caps other than those made by MOONEYES. We do not offer to customize on caps other than MOONEYES products.

Size: 18cm x 12cm(7.09in x 4.72in)
Material: Aluminum
Design: Plane
Color: Red

Plane, Scallop and Flames designs are available.

You can check the caps available for the LOUVER CUSTOM.


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