SORRY WE'RE Never CLOSED Fragrance Gel [KG181]

SORRY WE'RE Never CLOSED Fragrance Gel [KG181]

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SORRY WE'RE Never CLOSED Fragrance Gel

Fragrance Gel of "SORRY WE ARE NEVER CLOSED" is released.

001. Knock on The Door
The fragrance of a wood and sweet scent can be felt within the smoky dark fragrance.

002. Rose in Hat
The fragrance of elegant rose and fresh citrus combined with the soft wood.

003. CLOUD 9
The fragrance which makes you calm with the richness of the alcohol made by wooden barrels.

Fragrance: 001 Knock on The Door、002. Rose in Hat、003. CLOUD 9
Package Size: (Dia.) 6.6cm x (H) 10.5cm (2.59in x 4.13in)
Capacity 180g (6.34oz)
The fragrance will last about 2 〜 4 weeks and it depends on the temperature and location.


A brand named “SORRY WE ARE NEVER CLOSED” presents passionate products designed only for people who believe themselves and strongly stick to their own lifestyle. We hope to be always beside you and make you even more con?dent.
We aim that our products provide a fragrant drop in your brilliant life to make it even brighter.
We are always open and welcoming you because “We are never closed”.
This is our policy and identity to live in this society like yours.


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