MOON Cafe Cream Soda iPhone 13 Hard Case [MG938-13]

MOON Cafe Cream Soda iPhone 13 Hard Case [MG938-13]

Our Price: 2,300Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Cafe Cream Soda iPhone 13 Hard Case

The popular MOON Cafe Cream Soda design is now released as the iPhone case!! It is a retro x pop mixed design of the MOON Cafe’s popular classical cream soda.

The fizzy melon soda, sweet vanilla ice cream, and the MOON Cafe napkin are all illustrated in this POP design. If you look closely at the ice cream you can find the eyeshape logo. Perfect one for the fans of MOON Cafe and Cream Soda lover.

By having the case it will protect your iPhone from scratches and damages. Select your favorite MOONEYES to design for your iPhone you use every day.

【For iPhone 13】
Color:White / Clear
Material: Polycarbonate

※The sample image is using the iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue.
This iPhone 13 Pro has a camera cover(made by another company) attached and this item does not include a camera cover.
The iPhone 13 Pro has more thickness around the camera compared to the case for iPhone 13 and 13 mini.


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