MOONEYES Barefoot Gas Pedal Metal Keyring [MKR182]

MOONEYES Barefoot Gas Pedal Metal Keyring [MKR182]

Our Price: 1,600Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Barefoot Gas Pedal Metal Key Ring

A metal keyring of Barefoot Gas Pedal which is one of the MOONEYES Genuine Products. It is a metal keyring that gives a massive feeling and it is a masterpiece of the miniature size genuine gas pedal.

On the center of the pedal, there is the MOONEYES logo and LQQKS at your footwork. On the back GO! with MOON is embossed. You can put it with your keys, bags, wallet and use it as your fashion accessories or display it with the Genuine Barefoot Gas Pedal.

The simple yet excellent design is the result of MOONEYES' commitment to Genuine Products.

You can purchase the MOON Barefoot Gas Pedal from Here!

Material: Diecasted Plating
Size: Full Length 12cm(incl. keyring)
Gas Pedal (H)7cm x (W)3.5cm x (D)0.5cm


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