MOON Leather Key Case [MKR194BY]

MOON Leather Key Case [MKR194BY]

Our Price: 2,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Leather Key Case

A stylish leather key case of MOONEYES iconic color of Black / Yellow.

This key case will keep 4 sets of keys in one.
There is key ring outside so you can also attach smart key and remote key.

It will be fastened with snap button and perfect size for daily use.
Leather material and the texture changes as you use it.

Color: BY Black/Yellow

The size of the closed state:
(H) 10.5cm(4.1in) x (W) 6.5cm(2.3in) × (D) 1.5cm(0.6in)
Open state: (W) 14.5cm(5.7in)

Keys are not included for this product.


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