Rubber Floor Mat Clay Smith Cams [IGP1632]

Rubber Floor Mat Clay Smith Cams [IGP1632]

Our Price: 12,000Yen(tax excluded)

Rubber Floor Mat Clay Smith Cams

Universal type rubber floor mat, For front.
Rubber material so, it can be cleaned easily. It is OK to wash it with water.

*Price for Pair.

Size: 67.5cm (26.4in) × 43cm(16.9in) 

*Please check if the floor mat is not affecting the pedal, for placing the floor mat in your car.

Front floor mats may shift, interfering with pedal operation. To reduce risk of injury, accident, or property damage:

Ensure the correct floor mat is selected for the driver's side and passenger side, if applicable. Mats on the driver's side must be positioned and anchored to provide a minimum one-inch clearance between the front edge of the mat and the vehicle pedals. Use only with mat design facing UP.

Remove any other floor mat so the bottom of your floor mat lies directly upon the carpet.


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