NISSAN LEAF 2017- EZ1 Model Dashboard Covers [DKNS10141]

NISSAN LEAF 2017- EZ1 Model Dashboard Covers [DKNS10141]

Our Price: 11,500Yen(tax excluded)

Color / Material:
Dash Mat is Made-to-order. Usually takes 1.5 months to deliver.
After your payment is confirmed we will prepare your order.
If there are any options, to customize your car's dashboard, please mention in the Other Comments Column (inquiry column) in the Shopping Cart. Please note, depending on the car model we might not able to meet your request.

Custom formed and fitted dash mat, aka dashboard cover. Keeps the dash out of the harsh sun while adding a comfortable look. Various colors are available.

It is also a perfect item to make it look better and to hide the damage to your dashboard if you are riding an old car.

Please Fill Out Your Car's Spec.
During your order, please copy the specification below and fill out all the information and noted on the Other Comments Column in the Shopping Cart.

※If your car is a Left-hand drive Car please tell us the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Number (Serial Number).

If you have any other options please also mention on the Other Comment Column.

Default Dash Mat will be with MOONEYES Logo.



We have prepared several colors so you can match it with your car's interior.

There are two materials used and you can select Poly and Velour.
Velour Material is soft texture and it is like the moquette seat of a car.
Polyester Material is a thick material that is used for US car floor.

Depending on the color of the dash mat, it reduces the reflection on the front window and have a clear vision while you are driving.

We can make a dash mat for your car so, it will be completed with the dash mat that fits your car's dashboard.

You can easily install the dash mat with the velcro tape included.

MOONEYES Original Dash Mat is available for American Cars, Japanese Cars and European Cars such as VW, FIAT, and Audi. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our STAFF.

Depending on the material the color selection is different.

(X = Not Available)
You can only select the colors that are on the Color Chart.


Velour・・・A soft texture and it is like moquette seat of a car.

Poly(Polyester)・・・A thick material that is used for US car’s floor.


※If there are any troubles with the controls of the self-driving car/autonomous car, please remove the dash mat while driving.
※If you have external parts on the dashboard, you might have to modify them by yourself.

※If you are ordering Poly Material, if car's air conditioner vent and defroster area is narrow, piping may not be done.

※Depending on the manufactured period, the materialness might differ. Please note that we cannot return items, pay refunds, and exchange items for any reasons like not satisfying by the texture, color, and other factors.

※Light color might reflect on the window and obstruct a clear view. If it might obstruct other functions of your car by using the dash mat during your drive, we recommend you to remove it when you are driving.

※Due to the material, the color might fade from the direct sunlight and strong UV radiations. Due to the manufacturing process, Velour material might get smaller than the Polyester Material.

※Depending on your display, the color might look different.

※If you cannot find your car in the selection, if its exported to North America, it might be available.

※We are asking to fill out the options but, depending on the model it might not be applicable.

※It is made from a fabric so, as you use it the color might get faded by the direct sunlight, time-related deterioration, and etc.

If you have any questions or corncern, feel free to mail us any time. We might also ask for a photo of your car to confirm your order.



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