GOLD RUSH Car Wash Shampoo [KG202]

GOLD RUSH Car Wash Shampoo [KG202]

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GOLD RUSH Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo with Superb foaming and rinse aid is released! The most important thing in a Car wash is to prevent the risk of scratches to a minimum.If you just wash it with water and wipe it off, it might scratch your car with leftover dirt and dust.

If you want to prevent these, please use this Car Shampoo. The Car Shampoo from GOLD RUSH features fluffy and creamy foam, therefore, you can clean the body preventing the risk of scratching.

It is also a neutral detergent without abrasive compound, therefore you can wash your car without removing the wax and coating. Not only for the body, and can be used for glass, headlights, wheels, tail lamps, and any parts of your car. Of course, it can be used to all colors.You can adjust the dilution rate with your car wash style. GQQD Deal!

You will be also attracted to the sweet fragrance of it.

After cleaning with this Shampoo, you can coat it with the GOLD RUSH Quick Gloss Coat which is sold separately.

If you want to focus more on glass, tires and wheels, and urethane material parts, please combine and use it with other GOLD RUSH products.

Enjoy Car Life!!

※Please do not leave the Shampoo on for a long time or use it under hot weather, it might create a stain or damage the painting of your car.

NO abrasive compound, useful for car wash of coated cars.
Superb foam, soft foam prevent scratches during the car wash

Dilution Type
Useful for all colors
No Compound Neutrality
Used for Outerior of Cars/ Coated Cars
Capacity: 700ml (1 Full Cap = 10ml)
Can be used for about 14 Medium Size Car (100-fold dilution)

(Fragrance MADE IN USA)

Rinse the car to remove dirt and dust.

Put the undiluted shampoo in a bucket and mix with the water to foam. (1 cap = 10ml)

★Dilution Ratio (for 5L)
please adjust depending on the size of the car.

If you want to have superb foam / 100-fold dilution (50ml + 5L) for 14 Cars

Fluffy foaming and rinse aid / 200-fold dilution (25ml + 5L) for 28 Cars

Focusing on rinse aid / 500-fold dilution (10ml + 5L) for 70 Cars

If you are using MOON Bucket (90ml + 7.5L)

If you are using MOON Bucket 5 gal (190ml + 19L)

※We recommend 100-fold dilution.
The Dilution Ration of using the MOON Buckets is, just a guide when it is used as full. You can adjust the amount of water you are using.

Put the shampoo on the sponge and wash your car gently.

Before the shampoo dries off, rinse it with water and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

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