MOON 8 Dice Sticker [DM249]

MOON 8 Dice Sticker [DM249]

Our Price: 800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON 8 Dice Sticker

Introducing the iconic MOONEYES-style dice sticker, a must-have for any devoted HOT RODDER.

Available in both White and Yellow, these dice come in two sizes: BIG and SMALL, allowing you to customize your item to the distinctive MOONEYES LQQK.

Add a touch of personality to your belongings by using these stickers on your smartphone, laptop, helmet, skateboard, toolbox, and more.

Color: White, Yellow
Size: BIG 9cm(3.5in) x 5cm(2in)
SMALL 5.5cm(2.2in) x 3cm(1.2in)

※For Handling
Before putting on, wipe off some oil, dust, wax, any stain and dirt from the place you want to put it.


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