Fuzzy Dice [FD003]

Fuzzy Dice [FD003]

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Fuzzy Dice

Life is Gamble !!

Fuzzy dice that is also as lucky charm for gambler.
if you hang it on your mirror, you might have some lucky thing happening!

There are 9 colors
It can be an accessory in your car, interior in your room and many other ways!
Collect few colors and depending on the day you can change the color and enjoy.

Size: About 7.5cm

Color: Nine colors

Black / White Dot (BKWH)
White / Black Dot (WHBK)
Red / White Dot (RDWH)
Blue / White Dot (BLWH)
Pink / White Dot (PKWH)
Green / White Dot (GRWH)
Yellow / Black Dot (YEBK)
Dark Green / Yellow Dot (DGYE)
Orange / Black Dot (ORBK)


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