MOON Equipped 10L Dust Box [MQG206BK]

MOON Equipped 10L Dust Box [MQG206BK]

Our Price: 1,800Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped 10L Dust Box

A compact-sized dust box with a handle that can also be a storage.

The standard black variant of the MOON Equipped brand showcases the eyeshape logo on one side, while the other side features a tire, reminiscent of SPEED SHOP aesthetics. The mono-tone design adds a cool and timeless touch to the overall look.

The handle provides a secure attachment point for the plastic bag. With a convenient 10L capacity, this dust box is ideal for maintaining cleanliness and organization in various spaces such as your room, car, kitchen, garage, and more.

Color: BK Black
Size: (H)28.5cm (W)21cm (D)22cm
(H)11.2in (W)8.3in (D)8.7in
Capacity: 10 L
Material: Plastic


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