Rat Fink of America Bib [RAF612]

Rat Fink of America Bib [RAF612]

Our Price: 2,400Yen(tax excluded)

Rat Fink of America Bib

The baby must-haves, the somewhat endearing Rat Fink makes a surprise appearance on this bib.

It is made with thick pile fabric, which is sturdy with high absorbency. Designed in a cute, rounded shape and adjustable sizing with two dot buttons.

Is it a baby's debut into the world of FINK!?
Perfect for everyday use and also great for gifts.

Color: SGR Stone Green, CH Charcoal
Size: Total Length 31cm(12.2in) (H)15cm(5.9in) (W)23cm(9.1in)
Material: Cotton 100%(10 oz./Pile)

To keep the quality of the prints, reverse it before you wash it.


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