MOON Weeplus Infant T-shirt [TMI740PK]

MOON Weeplus Infant T-shirt [TMI740PK]

Our Price: 2,200Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Weeplus Infant T-shirt

Weeplus which is familiar from MOONEYES Official Line Sticker is now available on T-shirt.
Cute Weeplus holding the checker flag and MOONEYES logo printed on the front.
If your infant wear this t-shirt, they will definitely get Happy!

For size 80cm and 90cm there is a snap button on the left shoulder and it makes you infant easy to put on and take off.

※Please note,size 100cm and 120cm does not have a snap button on the shoulder.

Material:100% Cotton

80cm:Length 34cm Width 27cm Shoulder 23cm Sleeve 10cm
90cm:Length 36cm Width 29cm Shoulder 25cm Sleeve 11cm
100cm:Length 40cm Width 31cm Shoulder 27cm Sleeve 12cm
120cm:Length 48cm Width 35cm Shoulder 31cm Sleeve 14cm
*Please note, sizes are measured by hand so, there might be some difference in size.

***Handling Recommentdation***
To keep the quality of the prints, wash it inside out.

LINE Sticker that is use in the T-shirt can be purchased from HERE .
We also have MOONEYES LINE Sticker Vol.1

MOONEYES Official LINE Sticker Vo.2
32 stickers
Price: 120yen

Design by Wildman Ishii

MOONEYES Official LINE Sticker Vol.2 is now available!

MOONEYES LINE Sticker Vol. 2 is now available!
It got more useful with more variation from 24sticker to 32sticker.
Many new design by Wildman! Broaden your communication!
By the Display Suggestions function if you type Hello, Bye, Thanks and etc related stamp will be displayed.
MOONEYES item Weeplus and Custom Car and Chopper are also in the lineup! Please use it.

If you buy it from the LINE Store, not only for yourself but you can also give it to your friend as a gift!
You can also search 【MOONEYES or mooneyes】 from the Sticker Shop in LINE App on your phone. MOONEYES sticker is Creators sticker so click Creators and you will find it.
How about having MOONEYES in your daily communication?

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