HANGOVERS Magazine Vol. 1/3 Early Dayz [KM086-001]

HANGOVERS Magazine Vol. 1/3 Early Dayz [KM086-001]

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HANGOVERS Magazine Vol. 1/3 Early Dayz

The 1st volume from the three, "Early Dayz"
It is a photo book that collected the early activities by @thekageblog and @o.d.graffity.

Creating a photo book filled with nostalgic memories from when they first started taking photos, instead of using newly shot pictures for a Photo Book.
It's their works that gradually took shape as they passionately captured moments in the streets.

This album reflects the time when they first picked up cameras, evoking nostalgia for those who remember that era and offering insight into that time for younger people.

Limited to 250, each with a serial number.
(Note: Specific serial numbers cannot be requested; please understand.)

80 pages
A4 sizes(21cm × 29.7cm/8.3 × 11.7 inches)

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