MOON Classic Leather Wallet [QMG038]

MOON Classic Leather Wallet [QMG038]

Our Price: 27,000Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Classic Leather Wallet

A smart, bifold wallet made of soft cowhide leather embossed with the MOON Equipped logo.

It features a cash slot with dividers for organizing bills and receipts, along with a pocket that can hold 8 cards.
Additionally, there are sub-pockets on the back of the card pockets on both sides, making it convenient for organizing credit cards, point cards, business cards, and more.

The luxurious cowhide leather, which fits well in hand, gains a deep richness over time and can be used for a long time, and enjoy the texture of aging.

Color: BK Black, BR Brown
Size: (H)9.4cm (W)11cm (D)1.5cm
(H)3.7in (W)4.3in (D)0.6in
Material: Cowhide, Partially lined with nylon
Spec: Cash slot x 2、Card Pocket x 8、Sub Pocket x 2

MOON Classic
“For the men at MQQN heart."


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