Rat Fink Mazoooma! Brass Ring [RAF609BR-]

Rat Fink Mazoooma! Brass Ring [RAF609BR-]

Our Price: 27,000Yen(tax excluded)

Rat Fink Mazoooma! Brass Ring

This is a special ring featuring the face of Rat Fink, crafted in brass to convey a sense of depth of it's materialness.

The unique expression is faithfully reproduced down to the finest details, with a pointed nose, bulging bloodshot eyes, and teeth visible through a sly grin, capturing the lifelike essence of the Rat Fink.

The letters MAZOOMA encircle the ring, highlighting the design as a symbol of Rat Fink from every angle.

If you are the Rat Fink "Fink" this item will be a must-have to add to your historical collection of Rat Fink.

Enhancing your daily ensemble with the brass ring, instantly elevating and seamlessly complementing your overall LQQK.

This Rat Fink Mazoooma! Ring will come with a silver foil stamping Special Box.

7(Inside circumference2.08in)
8(Inside circumference2.16in)
10(Inside circumference2.32in)
Sizes are measured manually so please note that it might have a difference in the Sizes.

Material: Brass

*Limited quantity, each person's purchase is limited to two items of any size.

The ring size cannot be exchanged after placing your order. Kindly review the size attentively before completing your purchase.
Please note that due to the nature of the material and the polished finish, small scratches may be present on the surface of the ring.
Depending on individual skin sensitivity, wearing the ring may cause itchiness or a rash. If you experience any adverse reactions on your skin, we advise against using the ring.

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Depending on the time you purchase, the item might be sold out.


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