Pinstriping How To DVD [MGDVDSP01]

Pinstriping How To DVD [MGDVDSP01]

Our Price: 4,500Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Signs & Pinstriping Studio presents How To DVD!
Approx 90min / Language Japanese

※Price of one

For people thinking that How To Book is boring because
the picture doesn't move and want to see Wildman moving!

From the basic use of Pinstripe tools, gold leaf, airbrush and
other high techniques are explained thoroughly in Japanese for 90 minutes.
Watch this DVD and if you could not understand Pinstripe,
give up on it and come and order Pinstripe to our Studio.

If you prepare our Pinstripe Starter kit, reducer, and this DVD,
you can come into the wonderful Pinstriper World!

It depends on you if you will just end with your daydream or you can dream with Wildman!!

Edited by MOONEYES S&P Studio

We also have HowTo BOOK for Pinstripe with style examples.


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