Pineapple Sticker (Script Style) [DM216]

Pineapple Sticker (Script Style) [DM216]

Our Price: 600Yen(tax excluded)

Pineapple Sticker (Script Style)

Wildman design Pineapple sticker.
This gold and silver is foil processes and has shininess.
Stick it to your car, bike and any place you like.

We also prepare White.

Color:GO Gold、SL Silver
Size: (H)12cm × (W)5.5cm(Sheet Size:14.5cm × 7.5cm)

For Handling
Before putting on, wipe off some oil, dust, wax, any stain and dirt from the place you want to put it.
Take it off from the sheet and place it on the place you want to stick and then rub the letter and design with your finger or pen and take off the cellophane and stick it.
Calm down and do it slowly.
If you rush it through, lettering and design might not get script and cellophane might stay on and mess up so be careful.


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