Magnetic Key Hider [IGLL91210]

Magnetic Key Hider [IGLL91210]

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Magnetic Key Hider

This Magnetic Key Hider features two strong magnets in the base of the plastic housing box with a sliding lid. Use this to store spare keys and hide the box inside a secret location. The strong magnet will hold on to a flat metal surface under most normal conditions.

Please remember this is not a fail safe security measure or method. Keeping valuable items or spare key will not guarantee a that a thief will not find it. Please keep that in mind.

Outside Dimensions: (W) 10cm x (H) 5.5cm x (D) 1.8cm
Inside Dimension: (W) 8.5cm x (H) 4.5cm x (D) 1cm (3.5 x 1cm magnet)
Box Material: Plastic
From U.S.A.


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