BORG WARNER Waterslide Decal [DDW026]

BORG WARNER Waterslide Decal [DDW026]

Our Price: 800Yen(tax excl.)

BORG WARNER Waterslide Decal

Size: Diameter of about 8cm

This is not a "peal-n-stick" sticker. It is a waterslide decal where you must get it wet in water in order for it to be removed from the attached backing paper. The benefits of a water slide decal is applying it to curved surfaces like a fender but also adheres to window glass very well too (once it is completely dry).

These are vintage water-slide decals. Please be aware that there is a chance that when wet, the decal may not come off the sheet, the decal may crumble or not adhere to the applied surface. These vintage decals are sold as is and you agree to take that risk if used.

Warning: These decals are sold as is and cannot be replaced or refunded if it does not work. Decals are sold as vintage collectibles and not intended for use.


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