Shake Morley Metal Polish [KG140]

Shake Morley Metal Polish [KG140]

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Shake Morley Metal Polish

Shake Morley will save your time for polishing.
It's faster compare to others.

Metal polish agent that can make polish handy.

Although you customize high price wheel and engine parts, if it get dull the charm will be halve. You should polish aluminum parts.

**How to use**
Shake it before using and put proper quantity on clean cloth
Polish till the abrasive turns black
Lastly, wipe it off with the dry cloth
The advice it to shake it a lot before using it

It is recommended that you should have some room in your heart and time before using Shake Morley.
Tips for metal polishing are not power but a number of times.
Polish patiently and that will make a beautiful finish.

It makes it clean with half a time, power, and amount than the regular polisher.

・Don’t use it other than polishing.
・Cannot be use for painted side, coating, gold silver plating.
・Don’t have it around child.
・If it get into your eyes, wash it with plenty of water and go to a hospital.
・Don’t inhale it or drink it. If you accidentally drink it, don’t force to spit out but check with the doctor.

「This item cannot be shipped outside of Japan.」

Capacity: 180ml

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