MOON Canvas Tissue Cover [MGS080]

MOON Canvas Tissue Cover [MGS080]

Our Price: 2,200Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Canvas Tissue Cover

You just cover the normal tissue box with this canvas material cover and fix it with Velcro.
Simple tissue box for transform to CQQL one by this tissue cover!!
Loop part is also Velcro and you can put it on your car's head rest.
You can also hang it to the door and wall.
Same printing on the sides.
If its upside down there is a notice of "If you see this side,it's up-side-down.HANDLE with CARE! Thank you." printed.

Material: Canvas
Size: (H)12cm×(W)12cm×(L)25cm
MGS080BK : Black
MGS080YE : Yellow
MGS080IV : Ivory (Print is different for ivory)


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