Clay Smith Checker Flag Parka [CSMS095BK]

Clay Smith Checker Flag Parka [CSMS095BK]

Our Price: 10,500Yen - 11,000Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

Clay Smith Checker Flag Parka
S〜XL 10,500yen(without tax)、XXL 11,000yen (without tax)

Clay Smith long sleeve t-shirt essential character in race circuit in USA.
On the back, Mr. Horsepower is largely printed and small one on the front.
Pullover type and inner is raised so, it will keep you warm.

From USA

Color: BK Black
Material: 70% cotton 30% polyester

S size: Length 65 cm Width 49 cm Shoulder 52 cm Sleeve 57 cm
M size: Length 66 cm Width 54 cm Shoulder 55 cm Sleeve 56 cm
L size: Length 72 cm Width 57 cm Shoulder 62 cm Sleeve 58 cm
XL Size: Length 73 cm Width 65 cm Shoulder 68 cm Sleeve 59 cm
XXL Size: Length 75 cm Width 66 cm Shoulder 73 cm Sleeve 60 cm
Model 157cm Size S

*Please note that depending on the date of shipping,
there might be some diffence to the size because it is U.S manufactured.

***Handling Precaution***
It is recommended to wash it inside out to keep the printing quality.

Clay Smith Company which is famous for racing engine of original glind cum.
Logo of "MR. HORSEPOWER" is the modeled from creator who loved cigar and had red hair.


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