5R Carburetor OH Kit [CC5RCR]

5R Carburetor OH Kit [CC5RCR]

Our Price: 12,000Yen(tax excluded)

5R Carburetor OH Kit

(Original #04211-44011)
1967/09〜1970/10 RS50,56,56V Carb#21100-44011

It will be helpful for working on overhaul with gasket kit and jets included.
If you have this you do not have to look for single parts and cut out the gasket by hand.

Made in Japan

There are various settings on 60's ~ 80's Domestic Carburetor Car.
If you give us a year, model we can estimate the price so, if you are interested please feel free to contact us.

It will take about 2~3 weeks to deliver.


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