MOON Customer Parking Only Plate [MG816MC]

MOON Customer Parking Only Plate [MG816MC]

Our Price: 1,500Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Original Message Plate
You can make the plate like this item with CUSTOM ORDER MESSAGE PLATE.
MOON Customer Parking Only Plate

Sign Board that can make US style.
On the top part MOONEYES Eyeshape logo is placed and with yellow color CUSTOMER PARKING is printed,
and on the bottom part ONLY is printed clearly with black color.
The contrast of yellow and black is visible from far way.

It is made of plastic and it is light so you can easily display it outdoor and indoor.
Not only parking, you can use it in your room and garage's interior.

Size : Approx(W) 29.7cm×(H)42.0cm
Material: Plastic
※There are 4 holes to put in on the wall.

This item is made by CUSTOM ORDER MESSAGE PLATE .
You can put any text you like and, freely make the original message plate like this item.
We can make your original message plate from one!
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