MOON Equipped LED Utility Light Bar [MQG165]

MOON Equipped LED Utility Light Bar [MQG165]

Our Price: 1,600Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Equipped LED Utility Light Bar

New colors of Shiny Red and Navy are released!!
Portable, compact, and powerful LED light bar.
It is like a pen with a clip so, you can put it in you pocket and,
you do not have to hold it.
Perfect for outdoor, garage and maintaining your car!
Although it is small, it is powerful so,
you can store it at your house and car for emergencies.

The ON / OFF switch is at the top of the light.
There are 6 LEDs and they will differ in years of use.
It works with 3 AAA batteries and easy to replace.

Simple design with MOON Equipped eyeshape logo with wording of,
MOON Equipped HOT & RODS & KUSTOM SUPPLY printed.

If you use it in the dark place, MOON Equipped will help to LIGHT-UP!

Color: NY Navy, SR Shiny Red
Size: (W)1.17" x (H)7.09" x (D)0.67"
((W)2.9cm x (H)18cm x (D)1.7cm)
Includes: 3 AAA batteries (You can use it rightaway!)


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