Driving Recorder Parking Permit [MQG163RD]

Driving Recorder Parking Permit [MQG163RD]

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Driving Recorder Parking Permit


Recently many people are starting to equip driving recorder on their car.
This permit will make people notice that you have driving equipped in your car.
To protect your self you should have a driving recorder,
and record the dangerous drive and accident.
If you put this permit it can be a deterrent to dangerous drive and accidents.
MOON Equipped character with the camera will tell others that Driving Recorder is equipped, and also it has a message of Slow Down, Save Your Life.

It is a red permit so, it stands out and you can realize from far away. Put this permit on and have a safe drive.

It is standard to hang it to the rear view mirror but,
you can also hang it on your room's door knob and use it as door plate.
How you use it is up to you.

We also have a Driving Recorded Equipped Sticker so, you cna appeal it by putting it on the back and front.

Color: RD Red
Material: Polypropene
Size: (H) 12cm x (W) 7.5cm


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