Water Tank with Bracket [BK125CTWT]

Water Tank with Bracket [BK125CTWT]

Our Price: 18,000Yen(tax excl.)

Water Tank with Bracket

You can fix this with 3 bolts after the main bracket and side bracket option is mounted. The water tank can be attached and removed by turning a lever in the center.

Perfect to keep water and other liquids during your camping.

After the Main Bracket and Side Bracket Option is mounted, mount the bracket for the Water Tank on the Side Bracket.

It will be completed when you put the lver/handle on the center of the Water Tank. You can turn the handle and the tank will be detachable.

※ Fix the position useing the lever if the Water Tank is unstable.

SIZE : About(H)24cm x (W)20cm x (D)11.5cm (Without stay)
Tank Capacity:About 0.75gallon (3L)

You cannot mount this product without
Main Bracket [BK125CTMB]
Side Bracket Option [BK125CTSBO]

This product is only for HONDA CT125 Hunter Cub.
It will take about a month to deliver after your order is confirmed.
All of the parts are bolt-on parts but, if you already made some customize to your motorcycle, you might need to work to install it.

※It is a dress-up parts so, please avoid using it on a public road.

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