MOON Zipper Bag [MG911]

MOON Zipper Bag [MG911]

Our Price: 500Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Zipper Bag

Keep your small parts organized with MOON Zip Bag. Do it in style!
A useful zip bag featuring popular MOONEYES designs. This is the perfect zip bag to keep your foods and snacks, you can also use this bag to keep your traveling goods and accessories.

The assorted designs are MOONEYES Eyeball pattern, MOON Eyeshape logo, and cute Weeplus design. There is a space to write messages so you can use it for wrapping and you can keep notes of the things in it.

Find your best way to use this useful MOON Zipper Bag.

Material: Polyethylene
Size:7.8in x 7.1in (20cm x 18cm)
Three designs 5 each(Total 15 bags)
UP TO 50°C(122 °F)
-50°C(-58 °F) Below Freezing

When you are using seal the bag properly.
Do not use in the microwave.
Do not keep it close to the fire or hot places.
Do not use it to carry and keep liquid.


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