Honmoku by the Sea Sticker [DM241]

Honmoku by the Sea Sticker [DM241]

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Honmoku by the Sea Sticker

Honmoku, Yokohama by the Sea. The sticker of The Heart of Yokohama, Honmoku is illustrated by Wildman.

The MOONEYES Area-1 and MOON Cafe located in Honmoku Yokohama and MOONEYES Mascot Dog Loa are designed.

Beyond the MOONEYES, MOONEYES VW Type-IIare going to the VW Specialty shop FLAT4.

Other iconic features of Yokohama are illustrated and perfect item for souvenir and to appeal that you are from Yokohama.

Size: 11cm x 8cm(4.33in x 3.15in)


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