BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System [VWCC-001]

BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System [VWCC-001]

Our Price: 30,000Yen - 36,000Yen(tax excluded)

Prices vary according to options.

BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression System

An innovative dire suppression system for cars.
This BLAZECUT Automatic Fire Suppression system has a fire extinguishing agent in the tube, and when it reached 120℃, the tube automatically unravels and the agent is ejected and extinguished the fire in the engine compartment.

It is effective to use over carburetors, fuel lines, and other fire sources. It can be installed on the back side of the rear deck lid engine lid of TYPE-1, TYPE-3, K.GHIA, and PORSCHE 356, or the upper engine compartment panel of TYPE-2 using the tie wrap (tie band) supplied, or use a clamp or other tools for installation.

It is easy to install so, perfect to use for all vintage cars, not only rear-engine or mid-ship cars, which are difficult to have regular maintenance.

In Europe, this item is installed on many cars, including air-cooled VWs, and help preventing car fires. It is recommended item for emergency.

【2m/6ft】for TYPE-1/TYPE-3/PORSCHE 356(VWCC-001I)
【3m/9ft】for K.GHIA(VWCC-001J)
【4m/13ft】for TYPE-2(VWCC-001k)

When installing on cars that are obligated to have fire extinguisher equipment, please install a separate domestically inspected device.

Service life: Approx. 5 to 10 years (depends on the environment of use)
Domestic (Japan) Shipping ONLY
This item cannot be shipped outside of Japan.


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