MOONEYES Die Cut Spiky Sticker [DM244]

MOONEYES Die Cut Spiky Sticker [DM244]

Our Price: 500Yen(tax excluded)

MOONEYES Die Cut Spiky Sticker

The spiky style MOONEYES Sticker.

It is cut out to the design so, it will be CQQL to stick it anywhere!
You can enjoy sticking it to your smartphone, laptop, car, and other places.

Designed by NATQQ

※The sheet is not light blue, and it is clear color.

Color: BK Black, WH White
Size: Sheet 13cm(5.12in) x 4.4cm(1.73in)
Design 12.2cm(4.8in) x 3.1cm(1.2in)

※Notice for sticking the sticker
Before sticking the sticker wipe out some oil, wax, and any stain, and dirt from the place you want to stick it.


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