Garfield Air Freshener [KGSH159-]

Garfield Air Freshener [KGSH159-]

Our Price: 380Yen(tax excluded)

Garfield Air Freshener

An Air Freshener of the comical Garfield.
The fragrance is different for each design, pick your favorite Rat Fink and bring him home.

You can hang it on your car's rearview mirror, your room door, and any other place you like.

Design on both sides, paper Type.

Color / Fragrance / Size (CM / INCH):
1. Light Blue / Ice Black / 11.5x7(4.5x2.7)
2. Pink / Bubble Gum / 12x6(4.7x2.4)
3. Green / Tropical / 12x7.5(4.7x3)
4. Red / Passion / 12x8(4.7x3.1)
5. Blue / Vanilla / 11.5x7(4.5x2.7)
6. Natural / Coconut / 9x9(3.5x3.5)

Fragrance Duration: One month
The fragranced duration will depend upon the temperature and place used.


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