MOON Wave Hunter Sticker [DM248]

MOON Wave Hunter Sticker [DM248]

Our Price: 600Yen(tax excluded)

MOON Wave Hunter Sticker

The clear type sticker featuring named "Wave Hunter", the MOON Buggy.

The illustration of the MOON Buggy cruising along the beach with a surfboard is done by Wildman, with summer in full swing.

It is a clear type sticker so, when you stick it on your belongings, it will perfectly match with your belongings.
Stick it to your PC, smartphone, toolbox and your favorite item and customize.

Size: 11cm(4.3in) x 8cm(3.2in)

※For Handling
Before putting on, wipe off some oil, dust, wax, any stain and dirt from the place you want to put it.


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