Rat Fink Soft Vinyl Doll [RAF611GR]

Rat Fink Soft Vinyl Doll [RAF611GR]

Our Price: 13,000Yen(tax excluded)

Rat Fink Soft Vinyl Doll

The Soft Vinyl Doll of Rat Fink has such realism that it makes you think he is actually there.

Large ears, bulging bloodshot eyes, a pointed nose, and jagged teeth are all detailed, and from the texture of the fur to the wrinkles, it has a lifelike finish of Rat Fink.

Perfect size for collection and you can display it in your room, garage, and other places and feel that Rat Fink is always with you.

Color: Green
Rat Fink (Not including the base) (H) 23cm/9.1in (W) 12cm/4.7in (D) 12cm/4.7in
Total Length: (H)25cm/9.8in Base (W)13.5cm/5.3in (D)8cm/3.1in
Material: Sofy Vinyl


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