7inch O.E.MTrim Ring 14inch / 15inch [WV3001-1]

7inch O.E.MTrim Ring 14inch / 15inch [WV3001-1]

Our Price: 7,000Yen - 7,500Yen(tax excl.)

Prices vary according to options.

7inch O.E.MTrim Ring 14inch / 15inch

In USA, it is also called Beauty Ring.
Before applying it, we recommend painting the wheel.
For mounting, insert the Steel Wheel and if needed adjust with the tab on the backside of the cap.
(Although it will not guarantee to mount all Steel Wheel.
Depending on the shape and processing, it might not be able to be mounted.)

*For 5J〜7J size
Price of one1
It cannot be applied to FWD.

※ Material: Stainless Steel

You can purchase from one.

・It is installed by insertion, so during mounting and driving it might fall off if installed incorrectly.
Please be careful during installing and take a test drive first to be sure.
If you have any concerns please seek professional consultation from your nearest automotive shop.

・If the air valve is made from rubber, it may get cut off if the cap mounting is not properly installed. If required please change the air valve to a metal one.

・If it is deemed as dangerous during the pre-operation inspection, please take necessary measures such as removing the parts and stop driving.


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