FULL BRA Japanese Domestic Car [BRF]

FULL BRA Japanese Domestic Car [BRF]

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FULL BRA Japanese Domestic Car

It protect damage from rocks flying during the drive and transform to fashionable mask for dress up.
Cover it on the hood and just hook it on the back of the hood.

It is for North USA model so, the hole for winker, duct, and light might go out of position.
For more detail contact us.
There is triangle air deflector that is attached and not attached but, it is depended on the manufacturer so, it cannot be selected.

Please contact us if you wish to have it for car not listed.

Car model: BRFCAB-1035:92-95 DIAMANTE / BRFCAB-1040:92-95 Civic SDN / BRFCAB-1053:90-91 Accord DX / BRFCAB-1094S-FA:93-95 PATHFINDER / BRFCAB-1094S-FB:93-95 PATHFINDER / BRFCAB-203:89-90 SENTRA / BRFCAB-2041FS:94-97 Estima / BRFCAB-2087S:96-98 SURF / BRFCAB-53:87-88 Maxima / BRFCAB-601:88-92 Corolla / BRFCAB-929:88-89Integra 4dr / BRFCOPR1229:03-Toyota Echo SDN. / BRFCOPR993:98-00 Tacoma 4WD / BRFHO006:US HONDA Genuine 92-93 Accord EX / BRHCA-510BRNSBS:2pc Full Bra DATSUN 620


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