Breather Kit for 1999 UP- Big Twin(BT) [BK080]

Breather Kit for 1999 UP- Big Twin(BT) [BK080]

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Breather Kit for 1999 UP- Big Twin(BT)

A breather needed to install an aftermarket air cleaner to the Twin Cam Engine. This is a breather kit for releasing blow-by to the atmosphere through a filter.

※*This applies only to genuine CV carburetors and genuine throttle body-equipped motorcycles. (However, it is not compatible with TC88 injection models).
It is not applicable with aftermarket carburetors or throttle bodies.
It does not apply to vehicles installed with electronic throttle control.

Applicable Models: Twin Cam Big Twin models from 1999 UP (excluding Touring models from 2008 UP)
Color: Chrome
Material :Steel

If you have this Breather Kit, it can be used to MOON Air Cleaner Top Complete set [MP400S]MOON Original Hi Flow Air Cleaner [MP700MC], and MOONEYES Original "Gourd Shape"Finned Air Cleaner Cover [MP400GS].
※For the Backing Plate of this Breather Kit MOON Original Air Cleaner Adapter Bracket ( 7-Hole) [HD001YES] can be applied.


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